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Greg's John Chapter 19 comment on 7/17/2020, 8:28am...

Mark Matthews,

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The Hebrew calendar used at the time of Jesus counted a full day from sunset to sunset, not midnight to midnight.

The Hebrew 24 hour period of time is broken up into two 12 hour segments. The first segment is from 6 pm until 6 am. The second segment is from 6 am until 6 pm.

6pm - 6am = 1st set of 12 hours- "third hour of the night" Acts 23:23 (9 pm)

6am - 6pm = 2nd set of 12 hours- "third hour of the day" Acts 2:15 (9 am)

The "third hour" of the day in Mark 15:25 when Christ was crucified is 9 am

The "ninth hour" when He gave up the ghost is 3 pm.

Look at Sixth hour, Ninth hour, eleventh hour, Matthew 20:5


Greg's John Chapter 19 comment on 7/17/2020, 8:23am...

Mark Matthews, Day Christ Died.

Right on! Just as Johah said; "Three days AND three nights" Jonah 1:17.

Jesus died on what we call Wednesday just before sundown.

Wednesday sundown to Thursday sundown = 1 day (first night and day in the tomb)

Thursday sundown to Friday sundown = 1 day (second night and day in the tomb)

Friday sundown to Saturday sundown = 1 day (third night and day in the tomb)

Mary came to the sepulchre at daybreak Sunday.

Look at Matthew 12:40.

Jesus rose at some time between Saturday sundown and Sunday morning.

The "high day" of John 19:31 was the first day of the feast (Passover), and is considered a high holy Sabbath day.

The first day of the Feast was a Thursday (15th day of Nisan- April 3/4). The 15th day of Nisan commenced at sunset on what we would still call the 14th.

Jesus was crucified on the 14th, the "preparation day" (John 19:31), and by law the crucified bodies should not remain on the cross on a Sabbath day. Jesus was put in the tomb before sunset on Wednesday the 14th.

The "first day of the week" (Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:1-2, Luke 24:1, John 20:1-), the day of the Resurrection, was from our Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset.

Jesus was to be the Lamb slain, and His crucifixion took place on the "preparation day" (John 19:14) when all lambs were slaughtered for the great Passover Feast the NEXT day.

The Last Supper DID NOT take place on the day of Passover, look at Matthew 27:62, Mark 15:42, Luke 23:54, John 19:14, John 19:31-42.

The "third day" of Matthew 16:21 is not the third day of the great Feast, but the third day of our Lord and Savior being in the tomb.


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