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Jesse's John Chapter 19 comment about verse 17 on 3/30/2021, 3:22pm...


There are 5 verses you are listing. Is there a particular verse you are needing help with? Or, what specifically would be your question? This section in Titus Chapter 1, Verses 5-16 is giving us instruction on leadership. If you have a specific question on that section, I would be happy to try and help you. But to go over each verse would take more than one post. I would also be willing to do that for you if you wish?


Setting Things in Order's John Chapter 19 comment about verse 17 on 3/30/2021, 1:48pm...

Paul left Titus in Crete to lay a foundation for a Christian church planting there. He instructs him in choices of what kind of men to assist him.

Set IN ORDER according to the known Will of God, by Jesus Christ.

I haven't looked up the history of this moment, but you can. Put the BOOK OF TITUS in Google, then type: history after it. Look through the first 5 responses.

There's another story where a king is told, set thine house in order; you're going to die. He repents and lives longer.

So you can put that phrase into this websites: SEARCH BOX. Set in order. All scriptures with that phrase will be fetched by the search engine. It helps us study deeper, God who is a God of order.

Satan is a "god" of CHAOS. Whatever he finds that is in order, he tears at it until it's in sin and disarray. That is his FRUIT. He has many! Get to know all of them. That's how we know he's trying to set our homes, work, friendships, etc, in Chaos. Time to pray and get Church members to pray with us, if need be.

Let's be sensitive to order vs chaos. It's a pattern for success or, chaos. Titus learned that traveling with Paul: as did the Disciples that traveled with Jesus.

Job had a great life until Chaos showed up on the scene. Job had to resist blaming God for it. He learned the blessing of trusting God, despite the mess around him and "friends" that ACCUSED him of some secret sin.

Accuser, is another name of Satan. We all need to pay attention to the signs of his presence. Stay in the Bible and even READ IT OUT LOUD. He doesn't want to hear it. Praise, and sing Jesus Loves Me if that's all you can think of, in the "battle."

When Jesus was facing a battle, He got away from the crowd and Prayed. Always. That's our Example.

Hope this helped you. Mishael


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