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Mishael on Science's Genesis Chapter 32 comment on 6/05/2020, 1:29pm...

That's some weighty thought there.

We're a 3 part being: spirit, soul, flesh.

"Behold, ALL SOULS ARE MINE; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die."

When we die, the flesh returns to the dust that it came from. The whole earth is dust.

God owns the soul. They were paid for by Jesus's blood sacrifice.

IF the individual received Christ as their Lord and Savior, the spirit is made alive unto God; and returns to God in heaven upon death; to await the moment of Jesus Rapture (Caught Up), in the clouds.

The believer is transformed into the eternal body which does not decay. Spirit, soul, transformed body.

I'm not sure why there needs to be a scientific explanation of molecules, atoms and matter?

God has already set forth what happens and when. Pouring over books just causes weariness of the mind.

We're supposed to be filling our spiritual lamps to the top with the oil of The Holy Spirit, and be watching for Jesus coming in the clouds. The oil of gladness?

We're too close to be getting engrossed in weighty theories that busy our mind with anything other than what we're supposed to be doing. No offense intended.

God could use someone Full of zeal and fire to pray and intercede for scientists of all kinds to come into the Kingdom NOW. It seems boring huh? Mighty angels respond to those prayers.

Being a Christian is the Best! We just can't be Christians full of pride and self-achievement. Gotta get on God's team :D

May the Lord bless you.


BabzO39Matic's Genesis Chapter 32 comment on 6/05/2020, 11:07am...

It is, most certainly, my humble opinion concerning Burial and the methodology of what might refer to, respectfully "dealing with the remains." I assure everyone with a single most and paramount answer; Our God, Father Almighty is Sovereign and therefore ALL those who've died in Jesus will be Resurrected. We're already aware that, "We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord," (2 Cor. 5:8). A body, alive, is but a vessel of Neutrons, Protons, and Electrons, manipulated by God Almighty within the Womb (It is above my Paygrade to comprehend this, molding of Atoms, prior to conception!). And the possibility, not answered can be that upon our death, the vessel/shell, I believe to be a disposable unit, is left and those Atoms are what is delivered to in the presence of The Father? So, my answer is that the "disposal of remains" does not matter as the Torah does not give guidance towards this finality? In most cases, man-made ceremonies and adornments are what we know today.


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