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What Jacob means to the whole World's Genesis Chapter 32 comment about verse 30 on 6/14/2021, 10:27pm...

I was taught that Jacobs name had the meaning of deceiver attached to it, over the birthright issue with his brother.

Jacob wrestled with the angel of the Lord.

This is the incident where Jacobs name was changed to ISRAEL. He was the forefather of modern day Israel. The Covenant of blessing and THE LAND (deed), passed upon all descendants of Abrahams descendants born to ABRAHAM and HIS wife, SARAH.

Ishmael who was born to Abraham and Hagar, was blessed separately by God and given power and wealth, even to Present day, Palestinian nations and people's. This is all recorded in Genesis 16:11, 17:20, 21:18.

In these end of days, there is argument over the land of Israel still. No matter how the politicians try to separate Israel from the land; the covenant God initiated, will stand.

Israel is only about 7 1/2 miles wide, yet the entire world covets the Land God gave to Israel by a Covenant with Abraham. As I was taught, Ishmael was born through the permissive Will of God. He allowed it, but His Covenant was enacted with Abraham and his wife, Sarah. The children born to Israel are their mothers religion.

Hagar moved away and provided Ishmael an Egyptian wife. Princes, kingdoms and wealth was given to Ishmael and his descendants. Modern day Palestinians. The whole world will suffer and witness this 6000 yr old struggle for the land of Israel.

Modern day: every super power on earth will attempt to force Israel to give up their land "for peace", which is a lie of the devil.

If we had desired peace in the United States, why then did we vote "party", instead of protecting the fragile peace in Jerusalem? Vote With Gods known will? Satan will blind their minds.

Those who bless Israel will be blessed by God.

Get ready because we're all going to have to suffer for our acts. Try hard to understand covenants and the prophesies at work here? Don't be an ostrich (book of Job).



Tony's Genesis Chapter 32 comment about verse 30 on 6/14/2021, 7:54am...

Gen 32:30, please elaborate the best possible meaning. Face to face could be another word for meeting, not a literal meaning that Jacob actually saw God's face. Right? If he saw God's face then it contradicts other scriptures that says no man sees God otherwise will surely die.


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