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FOLLOWING JESUS's Matthew Chapter 19 comment on 9/28/2021, 4:02pm...

There is a link out on the Red Link page where you came into this room.

Go there and click on the BECOME A BELIEVER link.

It's going to answer most of your questions. There is also a prayer that all Christians pray when they choose to believe on Jesus.

We need to remember what Jesus experienced to make all this possible.

Start reading in your Bible in the Book of John, and the 1-2-3 John (in front of the book of Revelation. Romans is another great book for new Christians. Rvery odyssey in here is available to answer specific questions.

Blessings Mishael


Sharday's Matthew Chapter 19 comment on 9/27/2021, 4:03pm...

This is my question How dpes God forgive even the worst sinner. and do they have to be confessed or a baptizing?


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