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Jesse's Mark Chapter 1 comment on 5/03/2022, 8:31am...


I'm not sure if you follow manuscripts or not, but Matthew 17:21 is actually an addition. It is not in some manuscripts, but it actually describes what Jesus said about praying. Howbeit this kind goes not out except by prayer and fasting.

What He means by that is bring him to me. He is not saying that prayer has some magical work to it, like pray over them and the demon will come out. He's saying it's through prayer, give him to me.

I understand that fasting serves two purposes. Number one: To become physically weak in order to be spiritually sensitive. That's the religious meaning for fasting. You go without food and your body becomes weak in order to become spiritually sensitive.

But also, you fast in order to lose your physical strength so that God's Spirit can use you. And that's Jesus' emphasis here, bring him to me. Make sure that you're not involved, that your flesh is not at all involved, and bring him to me.

And again in Mark 9:29, just like the Matthew text, that little phrase "and fasting" was added to many manuscripts. Originally, it was just prayer, but if we keep the fasting in there that's not a problem.

The important thing we need to know is that it is not part of a formula. What is the first thing Jesus said? He said the answer is, bring him to me, and if I am not here, pray! Bring him to me!


Larry K. Tippens's Mark Chapter 1 comment on 5/03/2022, 5:03am...

Rsv bible mark 9:29 & matthew 17:21 have lost "fasting and prayer" that jesus said in kjv are both necessary to cast out evil/ demons.

two satanic worshippers prevailed in 1963 process to leave out "fasting" in rsv.

(note: " *saint joseph's partners" article "the power of fasting".)

john wesley would not ordain a minister into colonial georgia methodist church who was not fasting.

president abe lincoln declared 30 april as usa national day of fasting and prayer.

a few days later a stray confederate bullet hit their commanding general.

in his absence gettysburg was a turn of the civil war in favor of the union of usa.

why are we today not fasting on bread and water on wednesdays ( day of judas' betrayal) & fridays ( the crucifiction), like early christians practiced?*)

fasting is to humble ourselves, like wicked ahab did when elija told him god's judgement on him was all men and women in his kingdom would die. ahab fasted for a week..god spared ahab's people during his rule.

esther 4:16 she and all jews fasted 3 days. god acted.

the king canceled his command that they all jews be killed.

why struggle under evil, pandemic, closed churches, war time attacks?fasting can be developed step by step.

cardiologist, dr. p. jamnadas lectures:"the amazing benefits of "fasting for survival" as he lecture med students at fla. state univ. med school.

(( why not reverse and cure diabetes? 80%of usa is prediabetic.

clear brain fog? reverse cardio vascular disease? reduce waist lines to less than 40 inches?)

this assistant med school professor describes how to, step by step, develop ability to fast.

how about reduce risk of cancer by 70%for life time?


lead us in developing ability to fast and pray..., as jesus expects us to do.

lets cast out evil.

why not?


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