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Artie whitefox's Mark Chapter 1 comment on 9/17/2021, 4:21pm...

Angels are God's messengers. Fallen beings impersonate they that have passed on. Moses, Elijah and Enock are not God's messengers. They will not communicate with us on the earth. The dead are asleep awaiting life eternal, or eternal death in God's light. God takes no pleasure in he eternal death of the wicked. That is eternal damnation. Wicked will look like a lake of fire.


Earl Bowman's Mark Chapter 1 comment on 9/17/2021, 3:55pm...

Artie, may CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

Christ HAS BEEN setting up HIS KINGDOM for the past two thousand years. The CHOSEN that have gone before us have been off the earth (delivered form their bodies of flesh into Christ's immortal body) and reigning and judging with Christ as messengers of SPIRIT.

Study the PARABLE of the workers (spiritual messengers) SENT to work in Spirits vineyard (CREATION).

Matthew 20:1-16

The DAY (TODAY, has been happening for two thousand years) of the LORD (second coming of (the SPIRIT of) CHRIST has been happening for two thousand years. Some workers (spiritual messengers) were SENT the first hour of the day: for example; the apostles that FIRST DIED IN CHRIST (and BORN AGAIN in Truth), afterwards other workers (spiritual messengers) that DIE IN CHRIST were rewarded with the immortal body of Christ to WORK in the vineyard (the garden) of God. This thousand year reign (this ONE DAY; the DAY of the LORD) will continue UNTIL the resurrection to JUDGEMENT occurs.

Hebrews 12:22-23


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