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Exodus Chapter 39


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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 39 comment on 10/02/2022, 7:39pm...

Exodus Chapter 39

This chapter describes the making of the priestly garments as YHWH had told Moses they were to be made up on the mountain in previous chapters. After everything was made, Moses inspected all of the work and said that all was done just as YHWH had told him these should be fashioned. The text does not say if Moses told the artisans how things were to look and be constructed or if the Holy Spirit had directed Bezalel and Aholiab how to do so.

Moses blessed the people at the completion of all of this work. He must have been so pleased to see what God had showed him on the mountain become reality.


Homer Baker's Exodus Chapter 39 comment on 3/09/2022, 7:27am...

Use google search bible measurements.

You are welcome!!



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