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STEFFERN hamilton's 1 Samuel Chapter 2 comment about verse 10 on 4/01/2021, 6:57am...

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Chloe Cunningham's 1 Samuel Chapter 2 comment about verse 9 on 12/31/2020, 10:12pm...

I'm not sure what other comment you have received on the verse in question, but I quote one, verbatim, from the Commentator, Joseph Benson:

"1. 1 Samuel 2:9. He will keep the feet of his saints - That is, will both uphold their steps or paths, and direct their counsels and actions, that they may not fall into ruin, nor wander into those fatal errors into which wicked men daily run.

2. The wicked shall be silent in darkness - They who used to open their mouths wide in speaking against heaven and against the saints, shall be so confounded with the unexpected disappointment of all their hopes, and with God's glorious appearance and operations for his people, that they shall be put to silence, and have their mouths quite stopped: and this in darkness, both internal, in their own minds, not knowing what to do or say; and external, through outward troubles, distress, and calamities.

3. For by strength shall no man prevail - Namely, against God, or against his saints, as the wicked are ready to think they shall do, because of their great power, wealth, and numbers."


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