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Manuel marques teixeira's Psalms Chapter 2 comment on 8/05/2021, 1:10am...

When someone needs a medical doctor, there are conditions upon wich, they should relate between them!

The doctor is not obliged to treat every one that thinks that he needs a doctor.

The doctor is obliged to treat well the patient that he accepts to be his patient.

Everything the doctor says, regarding his treatment, the patient must obey.

There is a uge responsability that obliges the doctor towords his patient.

When the patient dont obey, the medical obligation ceasses! The doctor may, still, explain the consequences, depending on the circunstances that drive the patientsmotivation.

Its written:- The Lord our God, is a consuming fire, and also that He says come and lets talk about your reasons, lets reason between you and Me.

When a man dies, terminates his oportunity, because its for the living that the gospel exists. There is no presching or reasoning with the dead, as its written on Eclesiates, chapter 9. 4 and 5. and on Isaias 8.20. Jesus rested while in the tumb, as son of man, like He said about Lzaruss that he was sleeping, or inconscient!


Jeff's Psalms Chapter 2 comment on 7/03/2021, 6:22am...

The secret things of God's are His. Man cannot know the things of God unless God himself reveals these things to man through His spirit. people that do not know God personally cannot understand the things of the spirit of God for these things are but foolishness to them. Once a man has entered into relationship with God through His Son Jesus he will begin to understand the things of the spirit of God through God's revealing things to him as God feels he is ready for it. Thus the question asking where did God come from? Cannot be understood by someone that does not know God. Until they have received Him; God does not equipped them with the ability to understand what it is that He reveals to us in His time and in His way. The secret things are God's alone. That is where faith comes in , believing in what i cannot see as God has said it to us we believe it even though we cannot see it. It is a heart thing. You will feel it in your heart and just know that the Words written in Gods book are true because they are spoken by Him. The Holy Spirit of God allows it. You do not question because your heart is at peace knowing that the God of the universe who existed before anything else existed just simply was and is. as He says He did and is. I don't know how else to say it.

But it literally happened to me. I always had to figure things out and break it down and determine how something works. But God has broken me of that in the areas of knowing Him at least, and trusting him, and understanding much of what He shows and says to me. I would have never in my wildest dreams ever thought something could be such as this. That a person that I cannot see could speak to me Even though I cannot see Him or hear Him audibly. Now I am blessed with being able to understand day by day little nuggets or Jules of instruction, guidance, corrections that I need to make, And a to do list of things I need to do in mY life. He feeds me what He knows that I need to hear or experience or do.


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