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Chris's Psalms Chapter 2 comment on 7/04/2020, 1:27am...

Thanks for sharing that testimony, Jerry. It's only when we come to the end of ourselves, acknowledge our estrangement from the Lord Who loves us & waits for us, & humble ourselves in repentance, then only can we find His forgiveness & restoration. And what a change of scene that is: out of darkness (of fears, struggles & sin) into His marvellous Light (of forgiveness, joy & peace). No better place to be: in the Palm of His Hand & secure in His Love.

May God lead you further in His Truth & conforming you each day into the image of His Son. Colossians 3:1-4.


Jerry F Smith's Psalms Chapter 2 comment on 7/03/2020, 3:50pm...

Verse 12 "Blessed are all they that put their trust in him."

For a long time now, I've been focusing on my problems, struggles, and fiery trials; trying to manage them in my own power. I have not been trusting God as I am commanded to. I've been living in sin because I have not been obeying His command to trust Him and be at peace.

Recently, I was rebuked by someone very close to me who has been watching me; someone who I'm supposed to have been living my Christian life in front of, and I see more clearly how I've been behaving-like a man without a God. It's shameful, frightening, and cause for joy at the same time. I see more of just how weak my faith really is; how selfish I've been to the people around me. I may know a few things about the Word and even teach it, but I haven't been living it as I ought.

This last part of the verse reminds me that if I will simply trust the Lord, leave all things to Him, lay them at His feet, cast my cares upon Him and walk away joyfully-trusting in Him, I could be a lot happier. May the Lord grant me more of this grace, in Jesus's name-amen.


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