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Leviticus Chapter 11


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Caetano Barreto's Leviticus Chapter 11 comment on 3/03/2021, 2:27am...

LEVITICUS chapter 11 - dietary laws

How does the advice on what to eat and what to avoid fit in with the New Testament ? Some say we are FREE to eat whatever we please as we are under Grace and not under the Law.

So am I allowed to consume pork or prawns for example?

Still confused when reading the below verses...and still learning !

MATTHEW 15: 1-20 ( Mark 7:1-23)

ACTS 10 : 1-28

ROMANS 14 (whole chapter)



Arianna's Leviticus Chapter 11 comment on 12/23/2020, 6:14am...

God is good, all the time and all the time, god is good ..............

who is better than god,nobody .yes nobody is better than god........


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