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Bob's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 1/10/2021, 12:03am...

Mark 4 .24

One of the most influential verses spoken by Jesus if you are searching for the truth or correct interpretation of the scriptures.

I found it that way a number of times when seeking truth .

Your intensity in listening with out bias or preconceived ideas when reading the Bible , Gods word gets louder than all other views or interpretations. It's up to you to give ear to what Gods word is saying , your future depends on it .

The only remedy for indoctrination that is so damning .


Chris's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 12/20/2020, 12:55pm...

There's nothing in the narrative (Mark 4:36-41) to suggest that Satan had anything to do with the storm. I feel that it was just a normal weather phenomenon as apparently was quite common at the Sea of Galilee. It could be quite calm & in the next moment a violent storm could build up. This was partly due to its location where the wind comes over the mountains in the East & drops suddenly & violently towards the Sea. However, Jesus always took the daily experiences of the people to teach them, not about nature, but of the deeper spiritual life & God's operation over mankind.


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