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SkipVought's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 3/12/2021, 9:53pm...


You'll need to do some reading and meditating on these parallel Scriptures:

Mat 24:1-25:46

Mar 13:1-37

Luk 21:5-36

Never Read A Bible Verse!

Always, always, always read the verses BEFORE and AFTER.

Read parallel passages.

Context is king!


Carleton's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 3/10/2021, 12:45pm...

Thank you Jesse! Yes my brewery days have been over for quite a while :).

This maybe was the most amazing event I ever witnessed in my almost 30 years of being a born again Christian. My friend (a male) who I still hear from every year or so was Jewish but not really practicing what he had been taught. We were on a similar path until that day. Time remains. :)

God Bless the work in Jesus Christ and God Bless those who live in Him and share His peace!

Stay the course Jesse.



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