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Suze's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 7/10/2022, 5:24am...

Dear Todd , firstly don't despair , God doesn't stop loving us when we mess up , He knew you before you were born and He knew you would get into trouble sometimes , that's why He gave us Jesus . You don't say if your partner is also a Christian . If you are both totally sure that your relationship is definately over you should probably go your separate ways as quickly as possible . You both need time and space to rebuild your relationship with God , admit your faults to Him and ask for forgiveness , pray often read your Bible often and get yourself back on track in your relationship with Him . He is very loving and forgiving . If you are still in love with your partner and she with you then perhaps you can work on your relationship but not live together , God should be both of your priorities . Get back to Him before trying to get back to each other . Do not despair God loves you , that will never change . Try to stay calm and treat each other with respect and honesty , space and time apart from each other and with your Heavenly Father should help you both see things more clearly . Trust in Him .


Todd's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 7/10/2022, 12:41am...

I have so many questions on mark 4 today I seen God earnestly followed him thru traffic and forgot that he comes in many forms I missed him because I thought the friend I was with was on the wrong path and had I known to truly seek him without distraction I we would have met him and perhaps got our fill of our measure due to us now I let the devil in with my misunderstandings of his word and my partners misunderstandings of her role in the search I have tried to be pure of heart and be kind and forgiving yet always put to the test and forgetting what I had learned from my last spiritual awakening she I think expected a different path or a bolt of lightninhg

I expected her to be on the same page we both failed her sin was greed I knew I had the special tool to receive his word she wanted it all and took it from me that put us apart it's more than being together we could have been on separate beds and yet together but it wasn't working greed brought us both to lust then the father of all lies spoken lies that I could only respond with anger now my friends think I'm a nut my partner even crazier and everyone in my circle hates me and we all missed our word I said some aweful mean things and repeated things I should have kept to myself and this girl who I would have givin my life for has need of an excorsist it's all messed up I had resisted lust up to a point but satan persisted in us both now my special tool is gone and so is our friendship hope faith and there's no more love and it makes me sad and I've been now overlooked and so has she what can we expect now now from what mete shall I be took from I can't help but to feel despaired and lonely and empty I haven't talked to her but I know she feels the same what can we do now? The devil clouded me until 1:11 am then I remembered mark 4 omg I feel so sick looking to free myself from this pollution I feel now I missed it and I'm gonna die alone I'm afraid I will be stuck here eternally to re dieoverandove


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