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Chris's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 6/22/2020, 1:06am...

Very true. Thank you Wesley.


Wesley Smith's Mark Chapter 4 comment on 6/22/2020, 12:17am...

Great point. Might I also add that Jesus during his ministry not only proved who he was to a darken world, but also sought to prove to those he held close in teaching that as he was obedient to the Word of His Father so they needed to do likewise. He mentioned time and again that he did as his father commanded. RHe spoke the words of faith not wavering. And this act in calming the storm was another example to his deciles that if they SPOKE the words in faith not wavering then whatsoever the commanded would be accomplished.

His example lead him to allow the decouples to realize that if the spoke as hi did then the act he did they would also do & more due tho his return to his father.

Thank you


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