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Sacha's Isaiah Chapter 7 comment on 7/31/2021, 4:02am...

Hello Eric Lopez , it's good to hear from you and know that you are still out there , I hope you are safe and well and happy , do you have a concordance ? It's basically a big Bible dictionary , it tells you what every word in the Bible means ,I find the best one is called Strongs Exhaustive Concordance but others are available , if you had one you would be able to look up the word Emmanuel , from my memory it means :God with us ". A concordance is a fab tool to open up a whole new world of understanding the names of people and places in the Bible , I don't know if this site has one but it probably should have . Stay safe and best wishes to you .


Mishael's Isaiah Chapter 7 comment on 7/31/2021, 3:31am...

In google, type in: Immanuel, Hebrew definition

It means, God With Us


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