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T. Levis's Isaiah Chapter 43 comment on 9/20/2022, 7:20pm...

Please read: John 17,


GiGi's Isaiah Chapter 43 comment on 9/18/2022, 10:04am...

Dear M.M.

The Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are all of one essence-Divinity. This essence is the very Being and nature of God. This Oneness in nature is "what" God is and only God possesses this essence. As One being in essence, God exists in three distinct Persons who have will, intellect, emotions, a mind, an Who interact with one another within this one essence. This is the "Who" of God.

Although this Oneness is impossible for us to completely understand, as God is infinitely Divine and the Persons of the Godhead are inseparably unified within the Godhead. It is not that each Person of the Godhead has the same mind, will, or love for each that makes them One. It is that there is only One Divine essence, which is eternal, infinite, totally unique and unlike anything else. There is none other like Him, nor will there ever be anyone else like Him because everyone else is a created being and cannot acquire this divine essence. This essence (or nature) cannot be added to nor subtracted from. It cannot be communicated (given) to any other being. God alone possesses this nature.

Also, as Jesus said, The Father Himself are one and that He is in the Father and the Father is in Him. (John 14:9-11) (John 14:19-20) Jesus came forth from the Father t become Man (John 16:28) even though the Father and Himself remained One concerning the Divine nature. The Holy Spirit come forth from the Father and the Son to abide within us, but He also remained One with the Father and the Son concerning the Divine Nature.

As human creatures we can admit that the Godhead is beyond human understanding because His essential Being is completely "other" than anything else. This is called His "transcendency" because His Being is beyond our ability to comprehend or even describe as human words cannot fully describe His Being, His Oneness, and being three distinct Persons in One Being. We know what He has revealed to humanity about Himself, but cannot totally understand Him.


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