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Rachel's 1 Chronicles Chapter 22 comment on 7/05/2021, 1:16pm...

I sure do appreciate the time u took to answer my reply, thank u. U said that the Ark is in Heaven, and it was scripture? Just by touching the Ark of the covenant of God, men died, I believe it exsists still today & maybe is hidden to keep people from knowing the Truth, makes since the Tribe of Judah bringing it to Ethiopia, either way thank u God bless u


Mishael's 1 Chronicles Chapter 22 comment on 7/05/2021, 10:19am...

Read the 3 new posts on. Theories Versus Scripture. Scripture shows that the true Ark of the Covenant (Testament) is in Heaven.

There was a copy of the Ark made by the Babylonians. I missed reading that in past posts. But something made me go back and read this news articles again.


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