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Denyce's Proverbs Chapter 30 comment on 12/13/2020, 3:36pm...

What is the gist of verses24-33?


Teacher Daniel's Proverbs Chapter 30 comment about verse 6 on 12/11/2020, 12:18pm...

Proverbs 30:6

"Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."

This is fairly reminiscent of Revelations 22: 19. The difference here being would be God's reproof and being found a liar. The same can be said for the myriad of modern lukewarm Christian preachers today which will add Messianic, philosophical, psychological, or other secular doctrine to the New Covenant or any part of God's Word. The Bible is not up to man to manipulate or self-interpret verses either. Doing likewise would be just the same as adding to the Word of God. The Bible is written clear enough for scholars and even children to understand; therefore - any additions are clearly deliberate and a lie with intention to deceive the young lambs (newly saved) or the lost.


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