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Rick Mentzer's Proverbs Chapter 30 comment about verse 16 on 1/18/2021, 3:07pm...

Romans 12:1+2 are good starts , also take a look at collosians 3:1-10 these verses pertain to believers in the church born again written to the church of God. Also look at 1John 1: 15-17 keep something in mind that word love is wanting something above God supplying your need, more in category of lust. The reason I mention this is our Father shall supply our need according to his Riches in Glory by CHrist Jesus, therefore genuine need is not sin as long as it does not go against His Word. Many men of God in the word had abundance given by God as long as they did HIs Word.


Fred's Proverbs Chapter 30 comment about verse 16 on 1/18/2021, 1:05pm...

Where in the Bible does it say our love for this corrupted world should be as if we are dead in the grave. Because this world and all that's in it is passing away, a new world will be replacing it. I have read the verse

For sure, but can't find it to prove that we, being as if we're DEAd in the grave, should

Perhaps give some serious thoughts of

Entertaining and/or participating in many activities which will be removed in the new world


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