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Isaiah Chapter 60


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ANGEL SERVANT's Isaiah Chapter 60 comment on 8/06/2020, 5:32pm...

As i, not i. i'm correcting the error on the comment i made earlier on.

jesus love's us ...all. and i do too.




e. one another, for, i, jesus am love.


ANGEL SERVANT's Isaiah Chapter 60 comment on 4/06/2020, 7:22pm...

In speaking concerning me, jesus...address me, jesus as i, and not i.rnrni, know and see everything, for i'm, jesus am, omnipotent omnipresent and omniscient. rnrnsatan its demons minions devils , & its chipmunks thinks it's so clever, but is not!!!.rnrnfor, it is written...the biggest fool is a fool that continuesly fools themselves!!!.rnrn"be very extremely careful."rnrn"for the endtimes are upon the earth."rnrnrnfor it is written...thy kingdom come and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. (matthew 6; 10.)rnrnit is written ..the earth is the lord's and the fulness thereof. (psalm 24; 1-3.)rnrnit is written...my spirit is just like the wind it goes wherever it wishes too. (john 3; 8


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