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Mild Bill's Psalms Chapter 1 comment about verse 6 on 7/02/2020, 5:39am...

God awaits your answer now, speak with him alone from your heart.Did Jesus die for YOUR sins?What you want from God, you have to speak with him about.


WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT JESUS's Psalms Chapter 1 comment on 7/02/2020, 1:55am...

God is not going to bring us to himself with any kind of gimmick.

He sent HIS WORD. He sent Jesus the Son of God. Through Jesus's death on the Cross and Resurrection 3 days later. Jesus was born through a virgin. Babies have their Fathers blood type; not the mothers blood type. His blood was PURE from the sin of humankind. That's why His blood was powerful enough to save and heal the whole world....(past, present, future). IF THEY BELIEVE.

Every Walmart in America sells Bibles. The Bible is how we learn WHO Jesus is. Why does HE love us?

If you go into it with a "what can Jesus do for me? Can he make me rich? Make me look like King David? You're not going to feel the Love.

We give Jesus OUR SINFUL lives and receive HIS SINLESS life. Good trade? It cost Him everything!! He suffered huge, and He did it for YOU.

You should watch the movie that Mel Gibson made called: THE PASSION. It is so realistic; I felt sick, I cried for days.

That's just a movie. Jesus lived that; he died; He was resurrected!! He is alive!

He sees you right now, reading this.

As soon as you say YES, your life will be changed.

This website has different helps to study with. You may want to look over the one that asks if you seek salvation. Good to know what it's all about.

He's coming back soon so don't wait too long to make a decision. He's alive. He's closer than you can imagine.

I pray with all my heart that you would find Jesus the same way I did.


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