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GiGi's Psalms Chapter 1 comment on 1/20/2023, 7:14pm...

Dear William, I am so sorry that your girlfriend has treated you this way and thus ended your relationship. My sense is that it is now dead since she so easily has found another man. My suggestion to you is to be prayerful and seek God for wisdom, healing as you grieve this loss, and wait patiently for what God wants to do, not what you want to do. I will pray for you, William, since I know how hard this is to go through.

Dear Heavenly Father, how much William is hurting. We ask You in the name of Jesus to help him through this loss of the woman he loves, of the relationship that is ended, and the future that he thought he would have with here completely destroyed. I pray that You will comfort and lead William, keeping his heart stayed on You and give him the strength to really trust in You for what his future may hold. I know that You know when it would be best for You to bring the best and right woman into his life. This one he loved is not that woman, as far as I can tell since she mistreated him and the love they shared so terribly. Amen.


GiGi's Psalms Chapter 1 comment on 1/17/2023, 9:26am...


Welcome and it is wonderful that you are setting your mind, heart, and spirit to studying Scripture. I love the Psalms and Psalm one is my favorite. I have a poster with these words and a picture of a stream with little waterfalls as a background.

I think that the more you read and re-read passages of Scripture your mind stores it away to be brought forward by the Holy spirit at times you need it most.

It may be helpful to select out verses that speak to you and write them in a notebook so you can go back and re-read a verse and work on memorizing it. This is a way to meditate on the word. Another way that works for me is to take a select verse and try to make it into a melody to sing to yourself. This helps with recall.


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