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Why is this Interesting?'s Genesis Chapter 33 comment on 8/16/2022, 11:34pm...

A shadowy and controversial secret club meets in the California woods.

The Bohemian Club, a San Francisco-based private club that has counted a number of US presidents among its members, is a controversial group.

The club's reported rituals and secretive status have spawned sinister internet rumors.

But "experts and insiders" conclude Bohemian Grove goings-on are no more or less troubling than a group of extremely wealthy men letting loose in the forest.

Comment: this is going on all over the planet. Bottom line is everyone will stand alone at the Great White Throne Judgement of God.

If they don't have Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, the outcome may not be what they expected.


Hans El'engrettal's Genesis Chapter 33 comment on 8/16/2022, 2:40pm...

Dear Alison Wunderland,

I agree with Genies response. Your question should be addressed to someone involved in Freemasonry.


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