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Alex1939's Psalms Chapter 24 comment on 10/15/2022, 1:17pm...

Amen amen


Richard H Priday's Psalms Chapter 24 comment on 10/15/2022, 7:02am...

Psalm 24 and the eastern gate

Suleiman in 1540 apparently sealed the eastern gate in Jerusalem; which is apparently where the Messiah is going to return at the Second Coming (or shortly thereafter after defeating His enemies). We can see this in the beginning of Ezekiel 43 as well as Ezekiel 44 in the closing of the gate. There are other scriptures in Nehemiah and Zechariah which point to the glory of the Lord to the east as well.

The repeated theme in verses 7 through 10 could also refer to Christ's triumphant return to the heavenly city and throne when He sat at the right hand of God after accomplishing His work here on earth (Acts 2:33; Hebrews 10:12 and about 100 ADDITIONAL cross references to that affect!)

When we see His triumphant return; His vestures are dipped in blood. (Rev. 19:13; Isaiah 63:3). It is certainly possible that when He first entered heaven there was some of the blood from His atonement placed there (Hebrews 9:12). I would take this verse literally; although there is commentary from some famous people (I will leave unnamed) who say to the contrary.

A couple other themes seen in verses 1 and 2 show the original earth and that after the flood that God established. To be in heaven according to verses 3 through 5 have certain characteristics. We need to heed not swearing deceitfully as well; for any covenant or vow before God is something we are to keep our end on (and I am placing the marriage covenant there as well). God is eternal therefore not planning to change His covenants; with the exception of the New Covenant that He established abrogating the sacrifices of the O.T. for a better one (Matt. 26:28; etc.) Verse 6 states a generation of them that seek Him; that could be the whole resurrected group of saints; or the Millennial generation born on earth after He comes; or both.


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