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Michael Pipkins's Psalms Chapter 24 comment on 3/07/2021, 12:14am...

That's not how I believe , you, your spirit is the Lord of host which is the Lord that reside over you !!! Man God God Man !!!


Rev Jack C Gutknecht's Psalms Chapter 24 comment on 3/05/2021, 10:17am...

How do you like this outline for being Christocentric?

368 The Triumphs of Christ Psalm 24

1 Triumph of the Prophesied-Ascent to the Hill of the Lord on earth Ps.24:3-6

His triumphal entry into Jerusalem and to the Temple on Mount Zion Zech.9:9; Matt.21:5-12

2 Triumph of the Crucified-Ascension into Heaven as Conqueror Ps.24:7,8

'Mighty in battle' Mark 16:19; Col.2:15

3 Triumph of the Glorified-Entry with His people as Lord of hosts Ps.24:9,10; John 14:3


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