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LINDA CANNON's Philippians Chapter 1 comment on 6/05/2020, 11:01am...

Thank God for this word. It spoke to my heart when I saw this post. I know that our God is faithful. We as the body of Christ has to believe even when we are facing hard times.


Mishael on CULTS that say God is female's Philippians Chapter 1 comment on 5/23/2020, 8:43pm...

I just did a quick Google on cults that teach that god is a woman. It comes from Europe. You can read this on Wikipedia.

Ariana Grande has a perverted painting promoting the same idea with a new CD.

That's what cults do. They promote some new outrageous thing in hopes of making some fast money on the suffering of others who are willing to buy into anything new.

I briefly saw that there's another one saying god is female and male.

I guess Satan thinks he can gather all the weak-minded fools to populate hell. He doesn't care who he hurts: he just hates God.

We have a responsibility to google these things and warn others.


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