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Chris's Mark Chapter 3 comment on 5/06/2020, 5:58am...

Hi George. Thank you for your testimony and sharing the growing love you have for the Lord through your hunger for His Word. It is always heartening to read that a child of God reads the Bible and wants to know about God. Don't ever be concerned about your English expression; as Christians, we look way beyond that limitation & look at the writer's heart & needs & then try to give some comment that is based on God's Word, which is Truth. Without the Bible, our responses would just be our own opinions & not necessarily what God wants you to hear.

So please continue to read God's Word daily & you know that you will always have an open access here to ask something that you don't understand. And the more you read the Scriptures, the more the Holy Spirit will help you to remember them & to use them when you face some situation in your life. God bless you richly in your Christian life.


Mishael's Mark Chapter 3 comment on 5/06/2020, 12:11am...

Hi George! Glad you're here. It's always interesting. Lots of spirit filled brothers who really know how to study scripture. It's a blessing to me and others sheltering right now.

I have to child sit my 7 yr old grandson tomorrow. See you later.


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