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Doug's Revelation Chapter 9 comment on 5/29/2022, 7:43pm...

When I read this chapter it seems to be a figure of when a minister of the gospel (star) becomes carnally minded in his teachings (falling from heaven to earth). Then smoke from the forces of Satan choke the life giving air and sun. Following the choking of truth comes locusts (false prophets). Nahum 3:17 would reference similar figures. I could go on..... but think spiritual figures of speech when you read Revelation and see it you see things differently. Chapter 8 when waters get polluted living organisms die. Sounds like new testament teachings.


Larry B.'s Revelation Chapter 9 comment on 5/28/2022, 8:31pm...

Rev 9;1-11 world war 2 5mo.5yrs angel was Hitler 6 Jews being jailed

13-20 possible world war 3with the used fire ,and brimstone NUCLEAR BOMB

21 says that after this tribulation man did not repent still worship the devil their murder and sorcery and Formication

As in our present age.

Where people are deceived in many things and only few are given the wisdom to understand

The truth.

As the dragon,the false spirit continue to spread lies and deception people will continue to die

Missing the chance for salvation


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