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Chris's 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 comment on 7/01/2020, 5:01am...

Richard, that passage you referred to talks about Testings that come to believers - and not to sin directly. As you can see, verses 1 -22 deals with testings: Israel tested God's love & goodness towards them by following idols & received God's Judgement (v 8). And Paul gave the warning to his readers (v 9) to not test Christ in similar fashion. Obviously, Israel & Christians do test the Lord, they sin & they are admonished or judged but verse 13 speaks about, not how we test the Lord, but of testings that come to us to compel us to sin or turn away from the Lord. So, it could be through some extreme trial (physical/emotional suffering, loss of a loved one, loss of job, insecurity, persecution, etc.) that comes to us. The Lord allows us to go through it, but verse 13 says, that through that testing, God gives us a way out of it so that you don't succumb & sin.

Therefore, I see this verse 13 as an extra instruction to the aspect of our sinning & recovery: we are tempted to sin & if we give in, we sin. But this verse tells us that in the midst of that temptation, God provides us a way out of it so that we don't succumb & sin. And that way out, is the spiritual strength He gives us, the Holy Spirit revealing to us what we must do, or Him even going ahead of us to sort out the problem matter so that we don't sin as a result. But, if we do succumb, then there is still place for forgiveness but may come at a high price & this experience will be for our learning & maturing in Christ.


Richard's 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 comment on 6/30/2020, 5:29pm...

It reads in verse 13 we will be provided a way out of temptation, what happens if we succumb to that temptation, can we still find forgiveness?


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