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Richard H Priday's Jude Chapter 1 comment on 6/17/2022, 5:53am...

Our church had a Sunday school on this topic a few years back when I was in Pittsburgh. In that study; there was some discussion on the part of Enoch (the book) that is quoted here. This is a good example of how PART of an original text that is inspired is quoted; but the entire book as it exists today has inconsistencies and not in the accepted Canon today. The section about contending over the body of Moses in fact may be part of a different book; in any event the rest of the source text is cut off for some reason. It seems clear that God did bury Moses; although some say since no one knows where; and that he was one of two speaking to Christ during the Transfiguration meant that he didn't die. Elijah was said to have gone up in a whirlwind and it seems clear he and one other person (some say Moses; I would tend to say Enoch based on Heb. 9:27) will be the last day prophets. The reason for Satan's contention isn't made clear here; others can give a hypothesis. Anyway; the main point in that passage is that unlike today's world that likes to make a Hollywood image of Satan with a pitchfork; or today's musicians that like to offer sympathy to the Devil or claim we can sell our souls to him; our attitude as believers should be of deference to Christ; as illustrated by the Archangel Michael and his attitude when rebuking Satan. If we aren't Spirit filled; we run the risk like the Jews who were mauled by demons and ran off naked invoking Christ's name. Those who are in the Spirit will realize the battle in the heavenlies is to be fought on our knees in prayer.

The clear warning in the book; is that we all are to be "contending for the faith." It appears with the common salvation that the entire congregation (unnamed as well) is addressed to look out for false teachers creeping in. It is unlike; say Timothy's epistles and most other ones written earlier specifically to elders. The sin of Sodom certainly is relevant today as a main theme as well.


S Spencer's Jude Chapter 1 comment on 6/11/2022, 8:51pm...

Amen and thank you Richard for that well placed discourse.

God bless you and all you do brother.


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