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H4nn4h.7*'s Jude Chapter 1 comment on 6/20/2023, 7:32am...

The "some" in Jude 1:22 could be referring to two different groups of people.

1. It could have been in reference to "some" believers who were being influenced by the false teachers in Jude 1:4 who "...crept in unawares...", and compassion was needed to ground them in the faith so they would not depart from the faith.

2. The "Some" could also have been those who were close to being saved, and great compassion was needed to bring them to a place of receiving Christ as Saviour.

This is for those who were wondering what it meant.

God Bless you!


Ruby Lea Read's Jude Chapter 1 comment on 2/26/2023, 11:28am...


Jude 1:20 But ye (you are the body of Christ), BELOVED, building up yourselves (in the truth of God's words) on your most HOLY FAITH (you were resurrected with CHRIST, your the body of Christ, it's HIS HOLY FAITH IN YOU, his body, praying in the HOLY GHOST (your mouth is the mouth of GOD, it's his words that come out of your mouth.

Christ said OF MYSELF, I can do nothing, the words you hear are my Father's words, the works you see are my Father's works, Christ is the body of his Father, we are the body of Christ, the words that come out of our mouth are the words of Christ, the works we do are not our works, but the works of Christ.

Man's teaching have destroyed the truth of the gospel.

That they may be ONE as we are ONE

Ephesians 4:4 ..... ONE BODY (that contains the LIFE of God) ......ONE SPIRIT (the LIFE of the body) ...

Ephesians 4:6 .....ONE GOD .....Father of ALL ......

You have to have your carnal mind destroyed by God's words and have the mind of Christ replace your carnal mind.

When you pray in the HOLY GHOST, you pray in the NAME OF JESUS (your his wife, you were MADE ONE by his resurrection, he has given you HIS NAME, he is the LIFE IN YOU, it's his word, nis prrayer

Psalms 12:4 Who (those not understanding) have said, with our tongue shall we prevail: our lips are our own: who is lord over us.

God Bless YOU!


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