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2 Kings Chapter 3


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Who has the Lord39s understanding on that verse of chapter 3 verse 27's 2 Kings Chapter 3 comment on 2/27/2021, 3:02pm...

There are meanings that God wants us now to know about. I know what the holy blood of Jesus is untouchable and it was not yet shed !

Now tht ir is shed and speaks for us

WE are to be thankful to God for this blessings that is working for us!


Stanjett's 2 Kings Chapter 3 comment on 8/13/2019, 10:31pm...

Elisha and Elijah may be the two witnesses in the last days. They do call down fire from Heaven, which is one of the signs that the two witnesses do. And Elijah did not die but God took him. Like Enoch. Maybe they will be Elijah and Enoch. I always hoped to be one but I think they are Jews.


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