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Revelation Chapter 21


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ChildoftheKing's Revelation Chapter 21 comment on 4/05/2023, 7:54am...

EX 19:5 Deut7:6-8 2 Samual 7:23-24 Gentiles were engrafted in and chosen too. Romans 11:11, 11:24


GIGI's Revelation Chapter 21 comment on 3/21/2023, 5:05pm...

Hello Admin.

It would be very much simpler if there was only one person with a given screen name. Sometimes this happens, as I have noticed. But also, I think that some people use multiple screen names, not necessarily to dominate the site, but to give the impression that other people share their same views that some of us have recognized as being aberrant. So, that is another possible reason why some make multiple accounts. It is deceptive and hopefully some of us can recognize it when it occurs. Should we contact admin when we notice this?


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