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Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 21 comment on 9/11/2022, 1:44pm...

Revelation 21 continued

As we enter into verse 8; we have the first of several statements as to the fate of the wicked.

It is hard to even bear thinking about these things without pleading to God for strength. We notice the cowardly state as being the first sin mentioned. We can't do it without the Lord as Peter attempted to do with bravado without the Spirit. Without Him we can do nothing. As we see a parallel verse in Isaiah 66:24 we see the state of man either in hades during the Millennium or during the eternal state. We see how God's mercy and forgiveness are only for when they are in this life; and we also see how they will be an abhorrence to all that see them. There is no way to overstate here how important hearing God's voice is at the present above all of life's distractions and temptations and comforts. I can't see how anyone no matter how mature they are in the Lord isn't broken when considering these things; and ever grateful that God saved them from this unspeakable horror.

The rest of the chapter basically describes heaven coming down to earth and it's dimensions and foundation stones. Again; as stated previously when we consider the affect of a city almost the size of the moon landing on the earth surely the edges would be pressed out and likely the mantle would expose itself to the surface which would allow lava (i.e. the lake of fire) to be outside the gates. We see this also in other verses where Christ warns that heaven will be seen but "you yourselves thrust out" (Luke 13:28).

There will be some existence of kings on the earth; whether it symbolizes those of the church or those perhaps who lived through the Millennium period bringing glory and honor into it. The doors are not shut day and night (implying that even if the light of the sun and moon aren't NEEDED they still may exist). Again; the last verse is a terrifying reminder that unsaved people will not enter or be able to. They are locked forever in sin.


Another's Revelation Chapter 21 comment on 9/11/2022, 10:34am...

Scientists understand very little , God hid from them his creation it says in the scriptures, he knows what they would do if they had it .

Men are deceived into thinking they can do almost any thing . Scriptures tell us we can not change the color of our hair , why worry about the rest ?

I often think God must laugh at man's vain attempts. How about climate change for example

Have no faith in men or their logic . It's all vanity . In light of truth .


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