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Richard H Priday's Esther Chapter 1 comment on 4/03/2022, 3:15pm...

This is a very interesting section; and I have never heard anything preached on the subject of an edict mandating the respect of wives for husbands that is given here by the King after he is "dissed" so to speak from his wife Queen Vashti. Jut discovered it myself. It is questionable; of course thenecessity of showing her "beauty" to all (v. 11); not to mention the whole show of opulence and feasts showing off the king's glory . The decree in verse 20 basically commanding honor of wives to husbands would be broadcast throughout the entire empire (from Ethiopia to India). It is noteworthy that this is the single largest territorial expanse mentioned in all scripture.

Once again; a transgression that surely would have incurred a death penalty with the likes of characters such as Henry VIII did NOT result in a divorce. Keep in mind; this is a secular King. It seems fairly certain that divorce; if it did occur was quite rare and certainly didn't become widespread until some time at least in the Intertestamental era. It would seem that in a secular society such as Rome; it was vastly promulgated as apparently it wasn't all that unusual from historical accounts. It only was addressed (other than Deut. 24); once we got to the N.T.

There are questions that have been raised as to Esther's morality or lack thereof in the later chapters in the "beauty contest". Nevertheless; she became his wife. As to women with multiple husbands; it doesn't seem to be in the Bible either. It is likely that if the Queen was allowed to live; there were no longer relations; and she would be shut up in her residence as a sort of prisoner. I am not judging the validity of what went down here as to what he did to his wife but the verse in 1 Samuel 15:23 comes to mind. It is truly sad to see today how a desire for superiority has robbed much of a generation or two of women of true inner beauty; and godliness. In turn; men are more wimpy; and children rebellious.


Chris's Esther Chapter 1 comment on 10/05/2021, 11:44pm...

Hi Anthonia. In Esther 9:26 we see the word "Purim". Purim, since those early days, has become a joyful feast day for the Jews, celebrated each year (March 16 & 17, 2022 will be their next celebration). The reason for this celebration is because it commemorates the Divinely orchestrated salvation of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian empire; salvation from wicked Haman's plot to kill and annihilate all the Jews living in those provinces, both young and old, infants and women, in a single day.

Esther, a Jewess, became queen (in Queen Vashti's place), the wife of King Ahaseurus, whom God used to thwart Haman's plan against the Jews. Esther was reluctant at first to approach the king as she wasn't invited to do so, but her cousin Mordecai, urged her to do so, as the life of many were in her hands (Esther chapter 4). Even though God's Name is nowhere mentioned in this Book, the clear direction & Will of God is seen in & through many people. Man may use all of his wisdom & power to try to get his own way, but at the end, God's Will cannot be thwarted & His people were ultimately saved from destruction by His Hand & by using others.


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