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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 35 comment on 10/01/2022, 9:57pm...

Exodus 35 continued.

The Holy Spirit fills Bezalel with His Presence and with the wisdom, understanding, knowledge, skills, and ability to design and to teach others to perform all of these tasks. Bezalel was already a skilled craftsman, but God made sure that he had all the skills needed to be the one who superintended all of the workmanship done by many members of the tribe.

God not only allowed the Israelites to have acquired all of the metals before leaving Egypt, but also supplied the wood and badgers from the wilderness and the goats and rams from their flocks, but also supernaturally supplied the skills and abilities to design, plan, teach, and execute the making of all the things for the tabernacle, tent of meeting, and priestly garments.

This work seems to be quite monumental in scope. I wonder how long it took to complete everything? But I guess that there were over a million people, so with most of them doing tasks, it may have not taken very long. It is interesting that it seems that the Israelites were all of one mind and heart in this endeavor. This work must have been very unifying for them. A hands-on, practical way to work in one accord for the sake of YHWH. So much different than their work on the golden calf! God did not supernaturally help them with that! But with this work, He did give them over and above what they knew to do.

This reminds me that when we are called to a certain aspect of ministry, it is amazing how God brings out of us so much more than what we normally possessed prior to this ministry. So glad He does this.


GiGi's Exodus Chapter 35 comment on 10/01/2022, 9:43pm...

Exodus 35

This chapter opens with Moses instructing the Israelites in the words YHWH commanded them to do. The first command concerns the Sabbath-work 6 days and rest from work on the 7th, even kindling a fire. This 7th day is considered a holy day, not a "goof off" day. They are to rest "to the LORD" I wonder what that means? Those who break the Sabbath command are to be put to death. With such a dire punishment, it must have driven home to the Israelites the need to take God's commands seriously and soberly. Would they be willing to put to death those who broke the Sabbath rest?

Next, Moses speaks of the offering for the Tabernacle. It was to be given from a willing heart. The people were asked to give their silver, gold, and bronze. These were likely objects made with these metals. I am sure they did not have stashes of bars of these metals. Most likely, many of these objects were household idols brought from Egypt. Would they be willing to give up these idols for YHWH? They were asked to bring blue, purple, and scarlet thread, fine linen, and goats hair. Also, ram's skins dyed red, and badger skins. They were to bring acacia wood (which grew natively in this wilderness). And oil and spices were for light, incense, and anointing oil. Also, onyx stones and all the stones to be set in the ephod and in the breastplate. All of these items were described and their uses explained to Moses on the mountain beforehand.

Next, Moses called on all who were gifted artisans to come forward and use their skills to make from these supplies what God had shown Moses on the mountain for the tabernacle, its tent, and court. Also, the garments for the Aaron and his sons, the priests.

Everyone departed from Moses and gathered up what they were to freely bring to Moses for these things. It says that those whose hearts were stirred and whose spirits were willing. Here the Holy Spirit is working in these people and they followed Him.


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