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Rachel (ewe) Shepherd of her father's sheep. Her tomb is very holy ground an's Psalms Chapter 5 comment on 4/05/2022, 9:15am...

I'm certain that the Holy God of my understanding, since the very day I was given my first breath of air, doesn't by any means celebrate death. Actually, if given the seal of life you do not die but remain with the 12 holy chosen tribes with 120 thousand saints in each tribe granted to be in or on the Holy Mt Zion with The Holy One of Israel. If your education on the holy scriptures was on point than you would know death is the last demon to defeat.


Kay's Psalms Chapter 5 comment on 3/22/2022, 12:05pm...

Hi Dawn!

You can find your answer in Matthew 22:22-30.

Praise the Lord! May He bless you with understanding and wisdom in your studies, Dawn!


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