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Carleton Johnston's Isaiah Chapter 32 comment on 7/11/2020, 10:39pm...

Thank you Chris, I was mostly thinking of my own life in Christ where in the wilderness I found judgement and righteousness in the same field.


Chris's Isaiah Chapter 32 comment on 7/11/2020, 9:20pm...

Carleton, Isaiah 32 speaks about the time after the Assyrian army would be destroyed & peace & tranquillity would again return to Judah. Without going through the whole chapter, your question on verse 16 continues on with that theme of restoration.

I think the word 'judgement' is what is concerning you here. I checked the original Hebrew word & it comes up as 'mispat', (pronounced, mishpat), which essentially means 'justice'. So we can read that verse as, "then justice or righteous judgement will dwell in the wilderness (& this wilderness we're told will become a fruitful field (v15)), where righteousness will already be"). So it was a welcome prospect for Judah who were in dread of the Assyrians.


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