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Charles Mack's Leviticus Chapter 26 comment on 2/06/2023, 7:19am...

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GiGi's Leviticus Chapter 26 comment on 1/28/2023, 3:56pm...

Leviticus Chapter 26, verses 40-46

But if they turn away from their rebellion and disobedience, if they repent and confess their sins and admit to being unfaithful to God and His covenant; if their uncircumcised hearts will be humbled, and they accept their guilt. Then God will remember His covenant to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and, remember the land of promise; when they are in the land of their enemies, He will not completely cast them away, nor utterly destroy them and break the covenant from His end.

He reiterates that He is their LORD and God and for their sakes He will remember the covenant of their ancestors, whom He had brought out of the land of Egypt in order that He would be their God.

These statutes, blessings and curses were made while they were at Mt. Sinai.

One thing that really stands out to me is God's longsuffering with the Israelites. He truly was their God and only hope. He wanted to bless them and fulfill the covenant He had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But, the people needed to keep their end of the covenant to receive the promises and blessings of this covenant. For us, we can easily take sin too lightly. We can presume upon grace that God will not discipline us for our disobedience. But He will, just like He said He would to the Israelites. You reap what you sow (Gal. 6:7) We truly need to consider the severity and goodness of God (Rom. 11:22). He will do what is best and necessary to bring about repentance, reverence and proper fear of the Lord in us. May our hearts be softened, circumcised, and made submissive to Him. He is our Sovereign. He has redeemed us and delivered us from the kingdom of darkness. He has not given us what our sins deserve because on the cross He poured out upon our Lord Jesus Christ all of His wrath against all the sins of all mankind. Think of the agony of that. He bore our eternal hell on the cross. We should really humbly show our gratitude by obedience to His will in imitation of Him.


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