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Ann's Psalms Chapter 53 comment on 12/15/2020, 11:30pm...

To Clint on Hebrews chp9 ....I agree with u all the way Black, white no matter what color how rich or poor Jesus Christ came for All and it's free free All He Jesus ask is to love Him and seek Him while He is near. He's just a thought away. Don't delay maybe the best thing you ever done in your life time.....He paid the price already don't delay but Friends there will be a big party when one sinner Finds Jesus He's waiting waiting for that Glorious Day .....so friends don't let anyone tell you that Jesus is not for U He CAME For The Whole World so seek Him Before it's too late.....Stamp PaidIn Full

Be Bless Friends


Unbelievers and Willfull Sin's Psalms Chapter 53 comment on 12/15/2020, 6:13am...

Unbelief in Jesus is a death sentence for the unsaved.

We are not of this world anymore. We look for the new world to come. Faith always looks forward. Lots wife died by looking backwards, after she was ordered not to.

We still sin until we ask the Holy Spirit to come along side of us, to enable us to resist temptations. He will do that. When you feel that pull between the flesh wanting to sin; it's a good time up put in an emergency call to the Holy Spirit. Satan wants our walk with God to feel defeated. He hates God and us.

Even if you feel ashamed and defeated yet again: take those sins to 1 John 1:9. Then receive the cleansing.

We can ask the Holy Spirit for the Gift of discerning of spirits. We learn discern the spirits at work around us. Ask for it.

Human spirit

Evil spirit

Holy Spirit


Instead of wallowing in defeat, pray and be cleansed and restored. Read these too: Hebrews 4:13-16; Hebrews 2:14; (a warning) Hebrews 10:26

Hebrews is a good book to read at a snails pace. It has much to say about sin. It ends with people whom God mentions as heroes of the faith (chapter 11). Even King David that had Bathsheba's husband killed in battle so he could marry her. Their first baby died as a result.

We are not of this world anymore. The more Bible we have in us; the less likely we'll choose to sin willfully.

Satan hauls us before the Court of heaven and Accuses us with those sins. Jesus has to step up as your Advocate (defense attorney) and prove your innocence by opening the Book of Life to verify your name is written down in there. Hebrews 2:1, 3 and Revelation 3:5

We have a born again nature that wants to follow Jesus and live the born again life.

Revelation 3:15-22

Consider these things in your walk with God: following His son Jesus. Pray, confess, depend on the Holy Spirits help.


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