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Chika Ewulu's John Chapter 6 comment on 6/13/2021, 12:42am...

It's wonderful to be part of this great messages Thanks you and God bless you

I will wish to view and get more updates.Question Do you have Bible school


Jacqueline Domzalski's John Chapter 6 comment on 3/28/2021, 8:05am...

In some passages, the Bible says that Jesus is God (John 10:30, John 1:1 & 14, Isiah 9:6, John 14:9), but other passages don't say that Jesus and God's are the same (Luke 9:44, Luke 9:58, Matt. 16:13-17, Luke 18:19).

Are Jesus and God the same, or is Jesus God's Son?

How can I explain this to someone?


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