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Philip Christian Parks's Hebrews Chapter 2 comment about verse 9 on 6/01/2021, 9:08am...

Hebrews 2:4; signs and wonders = The Greek noun (; pronounced "say-MI-on") translated here into "signs" often translates into the noun "miracle" (23 times) in the New Testament. The reader may understand these "signs" as extraordinary events that defy natural laws which indisputably proves the results of supernatural powers.

The Greek meaning of the word translated here into "wonders" (; pronounced "TER-as") literally means anything or any occurrence that is extremely difficult, or even impossible to explain, other than admitting its existence or occurrence happened supernaturally beyond human power.

Attempting to distinguish signs from wonders proves difficult at best. In this context, one attempt may explain signs as literal, tangible, physical proofs which the eyes actually see, and realized by the rest of human senses. By distinction, "wonders" wildly stir human imaginative thought processes within the mind as to their interpretive reasons and purposes, especially in the realm of religion.

Scriptures record the expression "signs and wonders" twenty-nine times (15 times in the Old Testament; 14 times in the New). With few exceptions, the majority of these references link "signs and wonders" directly to GOD as the PERFORMER, or performed indirectly through HIS prophets or apostles whom GOD empowered.


Philip Christian Parks's Hebrews Chapter 2 comment about verse 9 on 6/01/2021, 8:57am...

Hebrews 2:4; GOD with divers miracles = The adjective "divers" is an obsolete Old English term which means "many", "various", and/or "different" kinds and types of miracles.

Here, "miracles" translates from the Greek noun root (transliterated "dunamis"; pronounced "DOO-nam-is"), meaning inherent raw strength, ability, and prowess. "Dunamis" derives the English noun "dynamite."

Dunamis also translates into other terms as well in the KJT New Testament: "power" (77 times), "might or mighty" (17 times), "strength" (7 times), and "miracles(s)" (7 times).

From the human perspective, Dunamis power is that wielded by a muscularly strong person. The one who possesses and exercises dunamis power potentially does so with all other types of power.

Relating to GOD, HIS miracles are supernatural, far beyond any human comprehension, much less any explanation from man.


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