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Chris's Ruth Chapter 4 comment on 4/21/2020, 4:18am...

From a little research I've done, I understand that whenever a sale of property, or some type of transaction was made in those days (this was later discontinued), the custom (not law) was that the seller of the land took off his shoe & gave it to the buyer to indicate that he fully relinquished any further right to that property. The shoe signifying the feet that walked on that property would no longer walk (& own) it. Later, it became customary to use a veil or handkerchief instead; & my thoughts: because there would have been a lot of grumpy men getting about town with only one shoe on, & either being a spectacle of laughter or jealousy as money was just made on a sale. Then there is Deut 25:5-10, where this custom gets even uglier, where a man is also spat upon, on top of losing his shoe. I'll let you read about it.


Leslaw Michalak's Ruth Chapter 4 comment on 4/18/2020, 12:51am...

Ruth 4:7

Could you tell me more about this custom, please? Where it came from? Why shoe? What it represents? Do you know of any articles about this custom?

Thank you.


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