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Richard H Priday's Revelation Chapter 15 comment on 12/15/2022, 5:40pm...

Response to Revelation 15 (and I assume following passages for God's judgments).

Hey; what's up? I would say that when we are lifted up; i.e. raptured then the veil will be completely removed so that we are able to see what is now in visible in the spirit realm as well as seeing God Himself and Christ in their full glory without being consumed which we can't do in these mortal fleshly bodies.

So really; all of Revelation itself is breaking through to that realization-from John's initial vision of heaven where it appears he was taken to view the heavenly creatures and realm as well as what we may call "time travel" where these same spirit beings which were pictured in the Old Testament by Ezekiel and Isaiah continue to minister before God. He was able to see the future and things which MUST happen after these things; that is after the "church age" with the types of church mentioned in the first 2 chapters.

Simply put; we see the seals opened by Christ Himself; and will be undoubtably able to be made aware of what's going on in the earth (as the prayers of the saints seem to indicate). It appears as we stand there that we will merely see the destruction of the wicked (Psalm 91:8). As for those on the earth they will by the sixth seal be aware of God and Christ beginning to judge; so in that sense there won't be any more atheists from that point forth; but sadly only Satan worshippers if people aren't worshipping the true God at that point. All the cards will be on the table so to speak.

Maybe the Lord will give you insight into these things. If He does; one should be aware that the enemy wants to render us ineffective. People want good news not news that Satan is about to come down to earth in the near future. But the Lord allows all these things before His coming; a sort of "clearing house" as it will to evict that usurper the Devil who has assumed rulership since Adam fell and lost some of his privileges.

That's the way I see it.



Gabriella,'s Revelation Chapter 15 comment on 12/15/2022, 10:56am...

Will people on earth see these things when Jesus comes back, or will this all be in like heaven or something, like where John saw all this? I mean i know im only 12 and thugs might seem like a stupid Question but i really want to know.


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