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Exodus Chapter 37


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GiGi's Exodus Chapter 37 comment on 10/02/2022, 4:14pm...

Exodus Chapter 37

In this chapter Bezalel was given the tasks of making all of the furnishings for the tabernacle in the fashion the LORD described to Moses on the mountain.

Makes me wonder how did all of these things get transferred from place to place in the wilderness for 40 years. Did they have carts pulled by livestock for the wood, curtains, etc. I know the ark, and the altar were carried by poles inserted into rings. Did each tribe have a certain furnishing to transport or did just the Levites transport all of the things for the tabernacle and tent of meeting?

There must have been lots of logistical instructions in this transport from place to place.


Walter's Exodus Chapter 37 comment on 12/30/2019, 6:35am...

Why do you believe that?


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