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Matheus Henrique da Silva's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment about verse 18 on 3/31/2021, 12:46pm...

There is a poet in Brazil who said:

"Love is life, is to have continuously

The soul, the sense, the heart open

To the great things, to the beautiful things (...)

It's to have the heart in celebration, smile.

And easily interperse celebration with weeping

And It's to seek sadness, loneliness, the desert,

And It's to be the happier and unfortunate from mankind

At the sime time. (Gonalves dias: Se se morre de amor)

Does wisdom bring sorrow and grief? Does it mean that the wise is sad? If it is true, can I say that wisdom is not good? In Proverbs it's written that we must seek wisdom... Is sadness a continuous condition of wise men?


Darren Croft's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 3/10/2021, 12:33am...

There will not be a need for police or prisons, or anything this distasteful world has to offer.


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