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Process of love's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment about verse 2 on 5/06/2020, 11:07am...

I think that all Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Means all the world goods is vanity. "Nothing". We can't take nothing with us when we die. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Surely we need GOD here on earth and forever. All the things on the earth is vanity when time has past and gone. We work , eat, sleep, raise our children.

Truly We need GOD , the son of GOD,

JESUS CHRIST our LORD and Savior. Believing in him , we live forever. Every thing else is vanity.

We live , we love, and we die. Our members ce is gone. We fly away as a dove in the sky. The life we live is remembered by our live ones, friends. We are written of in books. Taught of in schools , and family our strength , and courage and love. But we leave this world, and fly away with GOD, our FATHER. The ONE that made us, HE takes back what he made. All is vanity in this world.


Wolfen244's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 4/19/2020, 2:19pm...

Can you folks see the tiny cryptogram in this chapter?

Sun - or the largest fire in our solar system - 5 times.

Earth - once.

Wind - twice.

Water - 3 times.

Earth wind fire and water were not the four ancient elements. They were the four ancient elementary mnemonics ancient man used to begin "being in the spirit" as John the Revelator did. God is trying to tell you how serious it is to have you yourselves teach yourselves to be "in the spirit". Only mentioned 11 times? Not serious enough for you?

In Genesis chapter one, these 4 mnemonics are mentioned 54 times. Is that serious enough for you?


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