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Alex's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 1/20/2021, 5:01am...

Comments by Alex about the trinity which is very simply even a 5 yr old can easily see it. When God told Moses that his name was Abraham Issac and Jacob and my memorial to ALL generations implies his kingdom is a trinity scenario a family aka as the family of God . And from this family came the nation of Israel the multiplication of Abrahams seed. The very fact that we have a Father and a Son begs the question of a Granson ( THE H.G. ) that comes out of Christ loins his seed etc. and an ISRAEL OF GOD the multiplIcation of CHRIST via his seed. When God swore by himself that Christ wd be multiplied as the STARS OF Heaven thats the Israel of God , the CHILDREN OF Promise . That will come outa of Christ precious seed the LIVING WORD . You ppl that gag at 3 are gonna be sick when ya see that Christ THE Absolute SON is gonna be multiplied as the Stars of heaven. Remember Jesus multiplies after the God kind not the human kind. when he said to whom the word came it made them Gods and that which is born of the spirit is spirit his offspring which is the H.G TH GRANSON th beginning of the ISRAEL OF GOD. Just as Jacob th granson was the beginning of the nation of Israel. Like i said a 5 yr old can see this father son and granson family type Kingdom. Humans are just the good ground where that good seed will be sown. k


Hyacinth Ukwuagu's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 1/20/2021, 4:14am...

If Esau usually took his game catches home for the family, then he deserves to have his own share of the family meal. But if he wasn't doing that, then, he would not deserve or expect to have a share of the family food.

Unfortunately, the Bible is silent to all those unexplained background facts.


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