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Food for Thought?'s Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 2/10/2022, 7:05am...

If this is "food for thought," I think I'm feeling a slight case of food poisoning!


Nikki's Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 comment on 2/09/2022, 6:24pm...

From researching history and other events, I believe that this talks about a loop, or loops. History repeats itself. Time starts off at the beginning of an age or two. The same theme plays out, and then it ends, only to begin all over again with new people.

For example, during Noah's day, Atlantis was destroyed. During this age, New Atlantis (USA) will be destroyed.

During Paul's time, the apocalypse happened. It's happening again during our time with the same sequence in Revelation.

Food for thought.


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