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David's 2 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 7/25/2021, 7:41am...

Lately, after reading the scriptural passages and reading the posts on this forum I find myself thinking of my own life. This is me, and I pray no one on this platform thinks I am pointing fingers at everyone else.

I thank the Lord for everyone who takes the time to post their thoughts and encouragement for all who come to this forum. The Lord be praised for His long suffering and mercies to me and all who seek Him. I know I should not sin, but when I repent my God is a Loving and a Forgiving God. Thank you Lord for your Word. 2 Timothy 3:16, 17. For your Holy Spirit in me and all who are yours. Ephesians 4:30.

Although it seems as if we are losing the battle, fret not, we win the war! As we used to say in school, I know because I read the last chapter of the book.

May the Lord bless all, and may we all follow hard unto the Lord God Jesus Christ.

Pray for those in Authority and also the lost.

July 2021


CHARLEY's 2 Samuel Chapter 11 comment on 4/12/2021, 7:12pm...

Proverbs 7-27 her house is the way to hell,going down to the

chambers of death.our sin will find us out, sin destroys but

jesus sets us free. repentance is key to sexual sin flee from

it .


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