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1 Thessalonians Chapter 2


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Rob's 1 Thessalonians Chapter 2 comment on 11/02/2020, 1:42am...

1 Thessalonians 1.8,9

Here we see the Apostle Paul an example of true leadership , expressing his genuine care for those in Thessalonians churches .

Verse 9 he labored so that no one could accuse him of personal gain , made his own way , not even appearing to be taking advantage of them , which was not the case in reality . This is very good fruit .

Never give money to anyone for their service to God , it makes them look bad . And if it's their motive they are bad . It's not wrong to help people but be careful on how it's done . Pure motive in the work of the gospel is not at all concerned about money or gain. God supplies .

It can even be a temptation sometimes to except gain for doing Gods work , discernment is needed .


BSP's 1 Thessalonians Chapter 2 comment on 9/30/2020, 11:01am...

Verses 7,8-Paul was a bold and courageous man but he was also a tender and compassionate man when he needed to be. We must likewise be balanced in our personalities.


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