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Rob's Matthew Chapter 9 comment on 10/22/2020, 8:20pm...

The anti christ is a man . And there is a false prophet that exalts him .

The anti christ does many things before his image is be taken or death . So it will not be any mystery who he is before the mark or image is forced upon us all . The time of decision will be when the mark is forced , why cut your self short on speculation ?

Maybe going off grid is a good idea if you don't want it over by death . And can tough it out til the Lord comes . Some will survive to the very end .


Chris's Matthew Chapter 9 comment on 10/22/2020, 4:42pm...

Page 2.

But whatever the future holds, as humans needing to maintain our basic needs for survival & happiness, we will generally have to fall into line with the status quo. How then the believer, who knows what the anti-christ or even anti-christian govts will require of us, interprets the law & then makes his choices, will become a very personal decision, which may even be in conflict with how other Christians view & decide on those issues.

The Bible forewarns us, so we're not in ignorance of the future. What form this mark takes, we're not told, but it would be another form of identification & giving access to things pertaining to life, so that every man, woman & child will be recognized as such. Most people would readily receive it as just another 'progression' for uniformity & order in society, but for the believer, it will be a mark that ultimately determines to whom our allegiance & worship is directed to.

If you are in fellowship with those who understand & warn others of this coming aspect of anti-christian compulsion by govts, then you have the support & encouragement to hold on to the Lord & face the consequences. I pity those believers in ignorance or weak in faith who would easily succumb, rather giving in to their need for survival than to their need to wholly love the Lord & obey Him only. Could we even anticipate, in that coming day, that communes of believers would live together & maintain separation from society for as long as possible, praying & waiting for the Lord's return? We might resemble the early Church who huddled together as Saul & his murderous horde sought them out. There'll be strength & joy from the Spirit of God to face all our circumstances.


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