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Dale Grady's Psalms Chapter 83 comment about verse 18 on 1/16/2021, 8:48pm...

PSALM 83: 18...........Who is JEHOVAH?

See the Hand of The Master Landscaper

The Creator, The Almighty, The Most High

The Divine Name to some

Knowing His purpose will be done

He who causes to become

But something went wrong...a long time ago

And the ANSWER ....His servants know

BECAUSE, He says so!


CK's Psalms Chapter 83 comment about verse 18 on 11/19/2020, 3:19pm...

The name given at Psalms 83:18 is derived from the Hebrew consonants Yod He Vod He, or YHVH, referred to commonly as the Tetragrammaton. Because of IGNORANT and FOOLISH Jewish "tradition" of refusing to pronounce "the name" based on the commandment to "not use the name of thy God in vain," the original pronunciation has been lost to history. However, based on the Hebraic tradition of names having meanings and their numerical coded messages in Gematria, the pronunciation Yahweh has been given as the closest Hebrew approximation to the name in modern times. In English, it is translated a Jehovah and the J is pronounced with the J sound. In Spanish the J is pronounced with the H sound, and there is no "h" at the end in Spanish spelling. Each language has their own TRANSLATION and pronunciation for the Hebrew name Yahweh.

Satan the Devil does not want humans to know the name of the only TRUE God, Yahweh/Jehovah so that we would not KNOW who the true God is nor call on His name and worship Him. This is why the name has been all but removed from translations of the original scrolls, even though on the originals it was written 1000's of times. JEHOVAH is the only TRUE God and Jesus Christ is His SON, whom Jehovah gave as a sacrificial ransom, once for all time, for redemption of the Adamic sins of humankind, in order that all who believe in Jesus and OBEY His commands would be forgiven our sins and receive everlasting life.

How that everlasting life is defined is a different thread.


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