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Vance M's Hebrews Chapter 8 comment on 6/09/2022, 6:58pm...

It is not God who takes away life. That is not what he does, he is the giver of life. Not the author of death.

That is the devil, to believe it is god that takes away blessings is a lie from the pit of hell.


Richard H Priday's Hebrews Chapter 8 comment on 6/09/2022, 5:11pm...

Pretty clearly this is describing the destruction oif the wicked. Their souls will never see the light of life again; should they die in a lost state. Much like the story of Lazarus and the rich man; whose name isn't even mentioned in the account of hell.

It seems strange; with all the descriptions of hades in the Psalms and other O.T. verses that people only seem to pay attention to the N.T. on the subject. This is much like Jesus quoting that it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven than a camel to go through the eye of a needle. It can be done; but only if we consider our possessions to belong to God; and to put Him first as well as restoring any wrongs such as Zacheus did. There are many verses about riches being a snare and a trap; such as in the parable of the sower and the seed. It also bears importance for us to consider how in the last days the cares of this world will be a trap for those who are proclaiming "peace; peace" (when as Isaiah stated there is no peace for the wicked).

We are given our lot in this life; whether rich or poor according to His foreknowledge. Those who have been blessed with a lifetime of such; especially when God doesn't speedily judge makes men complacent; and they risk a fate such as the man who was planning to build bigger barns for himself that their soul will be required that night. Our possessions do us no good after we are gone; and those who don't plan ahead will sometimes have the rightous attain some help; if their descendants don't inherit money or property. We can look at the parable of the two sons; and realize that the one who squandered his money at least learned a proper respect for a rightous father; and that was worth more to him as a servant without any more inheritance than it would have perhaps to the other son who always behaved. It is God who givest; and God who taketh away; and we surely naked we come into this world; and naked we depart (until the Rapture).


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