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Carleton's Hebrews Chapter 8 comment on 9/03/2020, 4:33pm...

Dear Rick, Yes I believe that The US was purposed by God, for the spreading of the Gospel, where the believer is free to worship God by choice (not baptized into Christianity like some do). Choice takes being instructed in God's call to Salvation in his Son, Jesus. The unborn children and young children remain innocent and are in the hands of the Living God. As parents we are extremely accountable to this work of Life gifted to us. The Gospel message is to call any hearer to come to Jesus, believe and repent. By adding another cause to the Book of Revelation there may be error. The world is dark and getting darker, we can pray and be a light to those that remain in darkness that repentance and faith can be heard and believed and witnessed by Christians who have the Peace of God residing in their hearts. We are off message if we are driving the Gospel message by force of any kind. Perhaps the end of time is near if the Christian has to defend the Gospel by force. The True Christian is to be harmless as a dove yet wise as a serpent. What is the field, is it ripe? Was I not the most vile sinner as Jesus accepted my by faith repentance of all the evil I did against His Holy Will?

God Bless our meditations.



Admin's Hebrews Chapter 8 comment on 9/03/2020, 3:22pm...

Dear Rick,

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