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Esther's Proverbs Chapter 21 comment about verse 17 on 6/12/2020, 12:40am...

Thanks a lot for your answer God may bless you more and more

Respected sir/mam



Chris's Proverbs Chapter 21 comment about verse 17 on 6/11/2020, 6:54pm...

Esther, Oil was a very expensive commodity & only the rich could afford it. It had many different uses in those early days, and this would have included, a special act of love shown to someone (Ps 23:5, Lk 7:46); anointing to kingship (1 Sam 10:1); or for healing (Mk 6:13, Js 5:14). So the verse in Prov 21, is really indicating that both wine & oil (those more expensive items) can only bring the common man to poverty. Today, overuse of oil is not really a means to poverty, but more so with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, over extending our budget, etc. As Christians, we are responsible before the Lord in our use of the money & gifts he has given to us. Some may not have much in those terms, but what we do have, we must use for His Glory & Purpose. (Mt 25:14-30).


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