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Brother Dan's Luke Chapter 4 comment on 6/29/2021, 7:11am...

We only fool ourselves when we bend the bible scripture to make it comply with "Our Worldly Lifestyle".

Proverbs 14:12

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

God Bless


The Grace of God and The Law's Luke Chapter 4 comment on 6/28/2021, 9:44pm...

There is Law, and there is Grace. Jesus was criticized for picking fruit on the Sabbath, or praying for the sick.

God made it more simple than some people realize. Whichever day your work week STARTS is your "Monday." Most people in the USA work a 5 day week, but if yours is different; you can choose your DAY OF REST. Which usually involves attending Church. Lunch can involve eating and discussing the sermon that morning. Make your own comments on it like we do here. Try not to delegate that. Everyone should should be able to comment upon the scriptures.

God is omnipresent so he's in all churches no matter what day or what time.

In Genesis it was work 6 days and then Sabbath: the Day of Rest. (Church day).

In our modern culture we work 5 days and play 2 days. Church may be optional in some families. :(

More important is to find a church you feel welcomed in; hear the Word of God in sermon; praises and worship; tithes; fellowship after.

Even better, get involved with some kind of "ministry" as a member of Christ's Body. The men usually have "breakfast meetings" some set day.

God is saying for us to Rest. Time to study the Bible. Pray for family or friends. Be kind to your wife.

I wish people would realize the Ten Commandments originated in the time of Moses. God covenanted with the children of Israel. It was in force until Jesus began his ministry. He reaffirmed the commandments in Matthew 5. Matthew 22:36-40. I think the Pharisees hated Jesus because he wasn't as strict as they. Loving each other and our neighbors is hard, for some people.

Consider these things and choose God. What did He say? How did Jesus respond? We're following Jesus, as his disciples in 2021. There is NOW no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

He's not going to gig us for what day we go to Church. We are under Grace. Period.


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