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Chris's Luke Chapter 4 comment about verse 5 on 6/11/2021, 4:17pm...

I'm unsure whether you've checked the Greek rendering of these passages, but they appear very similar, using the same root verb.

Gleaning from the Greek Lexicon, in Luke 4:1, the word is 'egeto' from the root, 'ago' (to lead, to bring, to carry).

In Luke 4:5: it is 'anagagon', from the root 'anago' (to lead up, to bring up). So the emphasis here is on the direction: 'Up'.

In Luke 4:9: it is 'egagen', again from the root 'ago' (to lead, to bring, to carry).

So, it seems from the Greek, the distinction is not very marked, as each of the references point to Jesus being led or directed by the Holy Spirit (into the wilderness), & in His temptation, led/taken/carried by Satan. It would also be correct to suggest that in all three instances, Jesus was miraculously removed from his original position to those other positions (viz. the wilderness, the mountain, & the temple's pinnacle), rather than Him walking or climbing to get there. So, I don't think we should be troubled that Jesus was somehow not in control of his Will to concede to the will of the others.


NYOU46410GMAILCOM's Luke Chapter 4 comment about verse 5 on 6/11/2021, 1:58pm...

Adding to that frankly the satan was not authorized to offer jesus the world it was not the satans to give so maybe the satan was asking th elord how do you want me to live on the earth your world lord jesus so i may not offend you and jesus asked him to learn to grow food and clean water and harvest plants and nuts and seeds and those things lest we be left with no food these are not the facts but the interpretation of what the satan meant by talking to jesus about the earth he was in this world where i am in my mind i am suffering for i know not what to do jesus tells himlearn to grow food and be happy with the things you sow therefore never starving for the lords sake he meant i want you to be happy satan and to be agriculturally inclined this he believes would make him more spirit filled with contentment not tent living but spirit filled countanence that christ offers these are truths of the message but the words are mine embellished for story here in discussion peace


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