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Murray Dale Savage's Exodus Chapter 34 comment about verse 28 on 7/23/2020, 7:40pm...

Chris and once you accept the Lord Jesus Christ you become one of His people. That is only an excuse for people to sin all week and ask for forgiveness on Sunday.


Chris's Exodus Chapter 34 comment about verse 28 on 5/17/2020, 6:05am...

Doris, the Ten Commandments are the Commandments that God gave to His people the children of Israel via His servant Moses at Mt. Sinai. The Ten Commandments can be seen in Exodus chapter 20 were the initial laws regarding their worship of God & treatment of the fellow man. After this, many more laws were given in Exodus & Leviticus that expanded on these laws as well as ceremonial laws for their worship in the Tabernacle.

These laws were only given to Israel - the heathen nations didn't receive it: they had their own laws which no doubt included all forms of idolatry. But the Law to Israel was only temporal (a shadow of the Perfect Law to come) & so by strict adherence to it plus all the sacrifices they had to make, their sins were only covered year by year by the High Priest's intercession, but never removed. It was only when God's Son, Jesus Christ, the fulfilment of all of God's Laws came to give His Life for all of us, that we who have faith in that complete Work at the Cross, can truly be forgiven. Jesus, the sinless One, became our sacrificial Lamb whereas the lamb from the pasture was just a weak, temporal sacrifice done by Israel according to the law. So both Jew & Gentile now need to respond to Jesus to be saved from sin.


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