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Bendito Palavra's Acts Chapter 20 comment on 8/05/2020, 12:01pm...

Even better, by resurrection power in the name of Jesus and the Holy Ghost, Paul restored Eutychus to life, being dead (nekros).

The LORD granted unto the apostles signs and wonders to be done by their hands to validate their testimony of grace (Acts 14:3; Romans 15:19).

In a similar fashion, Peter was used of the LORD to restore Tabitha, known as Dorcas, back to life in Acts 9.


Chris's Acts Chapter 20 comment about verse 9 on 7/11/2020, 10:46pm...

Sara, this passage speaks about the apostle Paul when he was preaching to the believers at Troas. On that day, the Lord's Day, Paul was preaching for an extended period of time and young Eutychus fell asleep & indeed, fell off from his place at the window sill far to the ground (a couple of levels down). People thought he had died, but Paul went to him & found that he was still alive & gave that good news to the people. And so verse 12 says that the people were greatly (same as, "not a little") comforted by this news that the boy was still alive. So with everyone happy, & awake, Paul went on to preach for another few hours!


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