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Sonya Mesh's James Chapter 2 comment on 10/14/2020, 11:14pm...

Exactly, one can not just believe for salvation. That is a demonic religion.

We must Hear the word of God Roman's 10:17, Believe it John 8 :24, Repent Luke 13:3, Confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Matthew 10:32-33, Be baptized fir the remission of our sins, Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16, Mark 16:6, and live faithful and obedient. Matthew 10:22, Rev.2:10.


Rob's James Chapter 2 comment on 10/10/2020, 12:37pm...

James ch 2 v 19

Thou believeth there is one God ; thou doest well : the devils also believe and tremble .

7 times devils spoke to Jesus and called him " Son of God " never God , but they know there is only One God according to James .

Matthew 4.3

Matthew 4.6


Luke 4.3




They know the truth , but do it not .

The point is that works of faith are what's really important, and it's our works and all men's works that are going to be judged not what we believe alone .

We can do nothing apart from Jesus the Son of God born in Bethlehem died on the cross for the sins of the world , raised up 3 days later seen alive by more than 500 people, taken up into heaven and coming back again as he left but in Glory ... be ready ....


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