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Chris's Daniel Chapter 8 comment on 3/08/2022, 11:35pm...

Hi Nelcene. Media is the old name of the Median Empire that ruled between 625-550 BC, of which Persia lay to the East of the Empire & Media to the West. The whole empire stretched from present day Eastern Turkey to the Indus River (from which India gets its name), so it was a very large Empire. Nowadays, as you wrote, most of that area is occupied by Iran (& Afghanistan & Pakistan); with Iraq, Armenia, Syria & Lebanon occupying the Western part. Cyrus the Great of Persia later conquered the Medes & all the land became part of the Persian Empire. Of note, Media was a son of Japheth, Noah's son (spelled Madai in Genesis 10:2).

Grecia is present day Greece but in those early days, its territorial boundaries are dissimilar to today's Greece. Notably, another son of Japheth, Javan, (Hebrew word for Greece is, Yavan) & Javan is generally understood as being the father of the Grecians.


Nelcene Newman's Daniel Chapter 8 comment on 3/08/2022, 9:40am...

Persia is Iran. Who is Media, Grecia, {goat}?


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