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Neil MacEwan's Acts Chapter 8 comment on 10/21/2020, 3:10pm...

Acts 8:40....re the distance from the place of baptism of the Ethiopean eunoch to Azotus?

Translated that distance very quickly( instantaneously?) by God?

Similar to the story of Jesus in the boat and storm being translated " immediately" to their destination? John 6:21

Does this answer the Q " How did the animals get to and from Noah's ark during the flood story?

They were translated there by God? Vs they migrated there......how would the kangaroo from Australia

get to and from the ark of Noah if HE didn't do it " immediately" ?


Lewis Lee's Acts Chapter 8 comment on 10/15/2020, 2:56pm...

If we are to receive the Holt Spirit when we are born again why did the people in Samaria not receive Him when Philip baptize them in verse 15 16 and 17 in chapter 8. Not sure why Peter and John had to lay hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit.


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