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Alex's Romans Chapter 11 comment on 7/05/2020, 5:12am...

Comments about the Godhead which is Father Son and GRANSON that is gonna result in an Israel of God a heavenly nation that is gonna be born in US. A lil one is gonna become a 1000 AND A SMALL ONE A STRONG NATION I the LORD will hasten it in its Time,Thats y jesus refers to the H.G AS THE PROMISE he is truly the Granson the beginning of an Israel of God The result of that good seed the Word the seed of God, our new heart and new spirit our new innerman which is the H.G.Being born again of an incorruptible seed etc even by the word of God,Just as Solomon came out of the loins of David,Solomon means Comforter in hebrew. Bathsheba was comforted at the birth of Solomon. In the spirit the H.G. comes out of Christ loins ( his Word was his breath ) the good seed that PRODUCES A BIRTH OF CHRIST IN US the new birth. The H.G. can only come via his seed the Word.At pentacost the H.G fell on them that heard his Word initiating a birth of Christ in them.Thus the H.G is truly the granson an Israel of God simply b/c Christ is the sower of that good seed the Word which makes Christ the FATHER OF THE H.G.Thats y isaiah calls Christ everlasting father he is the father of the H.G. A BABY Christ remember what jesus said unless you receive the Kingdom as a lil child you will in no wise enter there in.Isaiah says there shall come a rod a (child) outta of the stem of Jesse/ David, CHRIST JESUS was that Child that came outta of God Almighty AND THE H.G is the Branch that comes out of Christ LOINS HIS WORDS ETC HIS BREATH .Remember Jesse David and Solomon was father son and grandson. Also Abraham Issac and Jacob was father son and granson the begining of the nation of natural ISRAEL and GOD tells Moses that his name was Abraham Issac and Jacob that is my name FOREVER and my memorial to ALL GENERATIONS God could not say that if his Kingdom were not a trinity of Father Son and Granson AN Israel of GOD that is coming soon when the woman gives birth to the manchild which is the H.G. Gods Israel


Mishael's Romans Chapter 11 comment on 7/04/2020, 11:33pm...

If you are not Jewish, scripture describes everybody else as Gentile.

A lot of exciting scriptures surrounding the Gentiles. Use the search engine here, to read those in a group.

Click on New Testament only, to pare down the list.


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