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Kay's Exodus Chapter 18 comment on 5/20/2022, 7:47pm...

What a marvelous testimony of the loving kindness of God in your life experiences, Gigi!

Isn't it mind-boggling that THIS God Who is OUR God....just likes to be with us? I mean - He is in the company of seraphim, and angels and the spirits of just men made perfect in glory - yet, condescends to 'enjoy' us; I know that He is happy totally in Himself, and doesn't 'need' us to be happy...but He CHOOSES to delight in the sons of men! It is just too much for words to describe how astounding this all is! PRAISE THE LORD! :)

It seems somehow, in my own life, it has been the hardest thing to follow the 'easiest' command of Jesus, i.e, "Take MY yoke upon you..." He explains WHY He wants us to do so, and that's because HIS is easy and light. Does Kay listen? Nooooo... "Gimme that big, fat ol' heavy end, Jesus, I'll carry it!!"..and then wonder when I get worn out! Ha ha! Thanks be to Jesus for His patience with such a one as I, for over the years, little by little, I learn to leave the 'heavy work' for Him, and take the easy end with joy and thanksgiving...which includes a lot of 'down time' with Him! As you well know, sweet sister, there really is no place better in all worlds than sitting at the feet of Jesus and admiring Him!

Have a wonder-filled weekend, Gigi!

Love in Jesus and lots of holy hugs!



GiGi again's Exodus Chapter 18 comment on 5/20/2022, 1:58pm...

Good afternoon Kay, Thanks for you reply. Along the lines of your friend, I have a personal story.

It was in 2021, Holy Week (as some call the week before Resurrection Day) and I had scheduled a get-away for myself only at a cabin. I had never done this before in the 20 years I was married and raising our sons. I was dealing with a lot and needed this time to regroup, pray, and let the Holy Spirit lead and prompt me.

I arrived at the cabin on Thursday afternoon, got all settled. I had brought my Bible, some Sunday School materials I was to prepare for upcoming lessons, and some home financial things I needed to get around to. I sat on the bed looking at these things I had placed on the shelf, asking God what He wants me to do first-read the Bible, do the SS lesson, etc, and the prompt to my heart was just this. "I want you to just "be" with Me." I was deeply touched by this and so I did just that. i put on some worship music, made myself dinner, set a plate for both me and the Lord, sat down and enjoyed His company throughout the rest of the evening. What a beautiful time this was for me. There was emotional healing and deepening of my sensitivity to His Spirit.

So, I do think that Jethro's advice freed Moses up to learn to "be" with YHWH. Moses was perhaps the greatest leader of all the Israelite nation through all of its history. (Aside from Jesus, of course). The Word speaks of Him as being a friend of God and one to speak to Him "face-to-face". His encounters with YHWH must have been awesome and incredible.


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